Multiple Masters

HSR America came to the conclusion that there are multiple masters that have individual needs and wants to fulfill their particular environment. This was the way we could approach all the people and organizations we would like to get on board with our idea.


The government has many branches from the tree and we would have to start from the top and work on through the lower echelons that must, in some way, be on board for this change. The President; We realize we won't reach the President directly, but we will inform him through the lower channels such as the Transportation Decretary, Congressman, Senators, State's Governors, individual cities Mayors, stc. Information we provide will be general in nature but realizing that each of the above referenced departments have specific agenda needs. Such needs as congestion, CO2 emissions, safety, increase rider participation for public transport, disadvantaged neighborhoods. We must try to find a common denominator that will touch on most of their needs.


Employers are always looking for ways to improve morale and loyalty to their company.

Giving perks bonuses and incentives, of any kind, goes towards this loyalty goal. Since commuting to work is time-consuming, expensive I.e. Car, insurance, maintenance, registration, fuel, and CO2 emissions,

Employees can help alleviate some of this burden by offering free transportation in close proximity to their place of business. This would be done by purchasing, at a discount, a monthly pass booklet that will allow their employees to travel to work in a new fast transportation system. Employees using this system will be able to choose where they would like to live without regard to distance.