New Opportunities

High-speed rail has the ability to immediately create thousands of highly skilled jobs that are needed during the development of the railway. Such jobs consist of construction, manufacturing, system operations, architecture for stations, software technicians to create sophisticated technology, etc. The long-term economic benefits also come from land development along the railway. The high-speed rail would run through main city portals like in the middle of cities

When major cities ask to have an HSR America become a City Center Portal stop within their community, there will be well written criteria outlining our requirements, ie. city, and sphere of influence cities population, a survey of people and cargo transportation needs, daily commute distances, etc. This City Center Portal will generate millions in additional revenue dollars for the chosen city. Because of this, we will ask the city to donate the land for the portal within the city, in addition, we will ask for additional contingent land to master plan a themed entertainment center within the city. In our master plan, we will allow the cities to participate in the revenue income from this commercial venture, allowing a payback for the donated land. Cties will welcome this concept and will become a very profitable enterprise for HSR America.