First Class Passenger Accommodations

The entire passenger compartment will be first-class seating, total occupants 100 with 2x2 seating with a wide aisle between, including free Wi-Fi, a fully functional entertainment console for each seat, a food and beverage refreshment area, ADA equipped restrooms and wheelchair accommodations, large exterior viewing windows, spacious carry-on baggage compartment and a large information screen display that will show speed, location, arrival times, and many more items of passenger interests.

Baggage Management

Upon arrival, you will place your baggage on a conveyor belt to be scanned for suspicious items. Once cleared, the agent will hand you a baggage claim tag indicating where your bag will be placed on the automated baggage storage system. Your baggage will always be with you in the cargo hold area and immediately available to you at your arrival destination. Never any lost bags.

Convenient Ticket Purchase

It will be recommended that tickets be purchased in advance to secure your nonstop trip to your desired destination. If you are a repeat daily commuter this will not be necessary as you will be in the system for a certain time of arrival and destination daily

Tickets may be purchased from your smart phone, online or at the terminal.

What Does IAQ Stand for?

IAQ stands for indoor air quality, as it is related to the health and personal comfort of the passenger occupants. The indoor air quality can be affected by a variety of factors including carbon monoxide, bacteria, dust, pollem, and smoke. But other items can contribute volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be found in air pollution.

What is Positive Pressure Airflow?

Each car will be equipped with a filtration system that will circulate the air through HEPA filters, cleansing the entire air within the car every 10 minutes with positive air pressure.

Positive pressure maintains a higher pressure inside the passenger area than that of the surrounding environment. This means air can leave, through venting, the car without circulating back in. In this way, any airborne particles that originate in the passenger area will be filtered out.